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Health and safety Policy


Kids in Control Ltd is committed to fulfilling its responsibility as an employer in providing a safe and healthy work place and working environment for all its employees and other individuals.

The Chairperson of the Board of Directors has the ultimate responsibility for Health and Safety matters and the Board of Directors will ensure that the companys policy is implemented.

In striving to attain high standards of Health and Safety at work and in assuring the welfare of its staff, the company recognises that communication, awareness and training throughout the organisation will be essential.

The company also places certain responsibility on each employee for their own and other individuals safety. Neglect of safety and health requirements will be regarded by the Board of Directors as a serious offence.

This document outlines the companys policy procedure in relation to health, safety and welfare at work, identifying those who hold specific responsibilities. Please ensure that you familiarise yourself with this document and co-operate with the necessary actions.
Kids in Control Health and Safety policy will be reviewed annually by the Board of Directors.

Organisational Responsibilities

The Project Co-ordinator is responsible for all day to day matters relative to health, safety and welfare within the organisation and will periodically appraise the effectiveness of the policy and ensure that any necessary changes are made.

The Project Co-ordinator is also responsible for ensuring the implementation of safety policy requirements at all levels and for ensuring the health and safety information and procedures are communicated to all employees. He/She will ensure the effectiveness of the safety measures and will keep the directors advised regarding progress in health and safety matters.

The Artistic Director is responsible for ensuring that all health and safety information and procedures are adhered to throughout outreach projects, training programmes, theatrical productions and all workshops under the auspices of Kids in Control.

All Employees of Kids in Control have a legal duty to take reasonable care for his/her own safety and the safety of others. All employees must comply with company safety regulations and co-operate fully with the company management in the implementation of health and safety regulations.

A Safety Representative will be appointed for theatrical productions and will have obligations under the Safety Representatives and safety Committees(NI) Regulations 1979.

In accordance with these regulations the Company shall operate its Health and Safety Policy in the following way:

Board of Directors

Project Co- ordinator

Artistic Director

Health and Safety Policy
Company Permanent Work-Base

The company management will provide a workplace for all employees of the company, and will ensure that:

if Kids in Control Ltd is a tenant/license holder, the lease of agreement provides for reasonable access, traffic routes, emergency exits, fire-fighting equipment, security, sanitary and washing facilities, catering and washing-up facilities, heating and ventilation within the property owned by the landlord and of which Kids in Control work-base is a part;

that, should there be deficiencies in any of the provisions required from the landlord under the terms of the lease, the management of Kids in Control will bring these to the attention of the landlord.

The management of Kids in Control will ensure within the permanent work-base the provision of: adequate provision of work stations and seating;

adequate provision of filing and storage spaces;
adequate and suitable flooring;
adequate and suitable lighting;
reasonable and regular cleaning of the workplace;
reasonable heating and ventilation;
reasonable provision for the accommodation of visitors to the workplace;
regular servicing and cleaning of electrical equipment;
a reminder of the appropriate time to book, and the fee for, a sight test for all users of VDUs;
access to all Health and Safety documents;
Health and Safety poster and Employees Liability certificate;
a first aid kit and an Accident Report Book in the workplace, rehearsal space and all workshop spaces.

Kids in Control operates a no-smoking policy within the work environment, whether in the office, the training base or in any rehearsal/workshop space.

Health and Safety
The General Policy

The Directors of Kids in Control are aware of their obligations under the health and safety at Work(NI) Order 1978 and the management of Health and safety at work regulations to, as far as is reasonably practicable:

a/ Provide safe systems of work.

b/ Provide all necessary information, instruction, training and supervision as is necessary to ensure the health and safety of employees and to conduct a risk assessment for company activities and make arrangements to minimise these risks.

c/ Arrange for the safe handling, use, storage and transport of all articles and substances.

d/ Maintain in a safe condition all places of work within the companys control and also access and egress to the place of work.

e/ The provision of a safe working environment and adequate health and welfare facilities.The directors of the company are aware of their obligations to conduct their undertakings in a such a way as to ensure:

1/ That all places of work outside the companys control are in a safe condition.

2/ That all employees are aware of their obligations with regard to health and safety.

3/ The health and safety of other persons not in their employ, but likely to be affected by the company activities.


Grainne Woods
Secretary: Kids in Control

Health and Safety

Maintenance of Equipment
Before each theatrical production all lighting, sound gear, cables, power units etch to be checked by a qualified electrician. All such hired equipment must have a written guarantee that appropriate checks have been carried out.


At the beginning of rehearsal, all members of the company to be made aware of Kids in Control Health and Safety Policy.

All company members to receive a copy of the Health and Safety leaflet.

All company members to be told that their first point of management contact on Health and Safety matters is the Production Manager.

All special equipment to be used as directed.

Before Dress Rehearsal day, the Production Manager, with other permanent management if required, will make a risk assessment of all effects to be toured.

All temporary or permanent injuries, health difficulties, pregnancy, etch, which have been declared, must be taken into account in the task allocation.

Rehearsals and Touring

First Aid box to be available

Accident Report Book to be available

Employers Liability Certificate to be displayed

Health and Safety Law notice to be displayed

Electrical and Ordinary fire extinguisher to be available and members to be instructed in the use of same.


Any technical difficulties or Health and Safety problems found on arrival at the venue or noted during the get-in and fit-up to be recorded at that stage in the Show report Book by the Company Production/Stage Manager.

If the problem is acute, it is to be discussed with the nominated contact at the venue.

Any modifications required to be discussed and agreed between the Company Production/Stage Manager and the venue contact.

Health and Safety

Venues contd.

For all venues the management will make a risk assessment for Health and Safety at the time of the first negotiations on the project. This is to be done in conjunction with the site management.

Visitors at Venues

At public venues, company visitors and guests are the responsibility of the venue in the same way as all other members of the public. At venues not licensed for public performances, visitors should attend only by prior arrangement with Kids in Control, making them subject to the same restrictions as audience members before and during the performance, and allowed behind the set only by invitation of the company.

General Responsibilities

Whilst it is the managements responsibility to ensure reasonable health and safety conditions are in place, it is the responsibility of all company members and employees to report any defect/deficiency/accident of which they are aware, and to to report any observed likelihood of accident to the relevant management appointee.

Health and Safety
Child Protection Policy

Kids in Control Ltd is committed to practice which protects children from harm.

Employees and volunteers in the company accept and recognise their responsibilities to develop awareness of the issues which cause children harm.

Kids in Control Ltd will endeavour to safeguard children by:

adopting child protection guidelines through a code of behaviour for employees and volunteers;

sharing information about child protection and good practice with children, parents, employees and volunteers;

sharing information about concerns with agencies who need to know, and involving parents and children appropriately;

following carefully the procedures for the recruitment and selection of staff and volunteers;

providing effective management for staff and volunteers through supervision, support and training.

Kids in Control is committed to reviewing its child protection policy and good practice at regular intervals

Recruitment and Management of Employees and Volunteers.

Prospective employees and volunteers are obliged to:

indicate their interests and any other voluntary activities in which they are involved;

supply names of two referees who are not family members;

supply their national insurance number;

declare past convictions or cases pending;

sign a copy of the companyild protection policy.Prospective staff and volunteers will be given a written assurance of confidentiality.

The references of prospective employees and volunteers will be checked using a reference form.

Employees and volunteers will be given written guidelines about duties and responsibilities.

There will be ongoing supervision and observation of employees and volunteers.

All employees and volunteers will have access to a complaints procedure.

Kids in Control Ltd will issue a written statement to all employees and volunteers including the following documentation:

The Children (NI) Order 1995;

The Kids in Control Action Checklist.

Group leaders, teachers and Parents of children participating in Kids in Control activities will be given the following documentation:

The Kids in Control Child Protection Policy;

Company Reporting Procedures.





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