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Mercury Tilt

March/April 2004

The Island Arts Centre, Lisburn; The Spectrum
Centre, Belfast; The Courtyard Theatre, Newtownabbey;
The Riverside Theatre, Coleraine; The Courtyard Theatre,


Gemma Boyd, Nicola Cunningham, Jade Hale, Conor
Jordan, Ciara Kelly, Adele Magennis Ursula Magennis,
Charlotte Mitchell, Dara Mulholland, Sarah Murray, Kate
Smyth, Graham Traynor, Becky Webber.
Artistic Director: David Calvert.
Assistant Director: Jade Hale.
Video: Rogue Rocket
Hip-Hop Music Mix: Clearence Koorndijk
Chair & Hip-Hop Choreography: Jade Hale
Project Co-ordinator: Grainne Woods
Production Manager: James C. McFetridge
Stage Manager: Lisa Magee
Costumes: Donna Hughes
Welfare Officer: Mary Mullan
Photography: Christopher Woods

"Mercury Tilt is a modern, mad, fast, pumping, energetic show. That's what it feels like to be in it"
Dara Mulholland

"Mercury Tilt is like nothing I have seen on stage before, which is why I like it so much; it is completely original material and a lot of fun to perform with so much happening"
Charlotte Mitchell



"Performing Mercury Tilt is out of the ordinary! When we step onto the floor we are transported into another dimension. Last year we were a bunch of kids having fun; now we are a group of disciplined individuals expressing our way of life"
Becky Webber

I think the public will go home from the show thinking, "these are some of the weirdest, talented and most disciplined teenagers on the planet."
Ursula Magennis

"I now have a strong sense of belonging in KIC and being in Mercury Tilt is like a dream."
Ciara Kelly

Last year in KIC I still hadn't found out what I really wanted from the project. I did what I was told and tried to do it right. Now, my personality, words and opinions are in the work I do in the project."
Gemma Boyd

KIC training is hard, but life can be hard and KIC is like life to me. Mercury Tilt is a take on the lives of everyone in the group."
Conor Jordan.


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