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A KIC Core Group

Portview Trade Centre and Island Studio Theatre, Lisburn
August 2003

KIC Core Group
Conor Jordan
Sarah Patterson
Kate Smyth
Graham Turner
Becky Webber

Artistic Director: David Calvert
Assistant Director: Jade Hale
Welfare Officer: Mary Mullan
Photography: Christopher Woods
Video: Melinda Jansen
Supporting Tutor: David Greaves

TILT was a core group, 'bridging' programme that followed the successful New Mutiny production Deep Rolling.   5 young people completed an 8 day physical training programme and then devised a futuristic fantasy for film.  

The fantasy was filmed at The Portview Trade Centre and screened at the Island Arts Centre before the physical theatre display that was to be the draft for the following core group production, Mercury Tilt.  

This summer 'bridging' programme that makes new physical and imaginative demands on KIC beginners has become a feature of KIC Core Group training, preparing for a challenging 7-month intensive period of devising and training for a full-scale Core Group production.  

The full cycle for a KIC core group member can be 15 months, usually preceded by 3 month in a KIC outreach project.   The Mercury Tilt company that emerged in the months after the summer training was supplemented by 3 Deep Rolling members who were unavailable during the summer and 3 outstanding Island Youth Theatre participants.



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