I never got bored for one single minute in Deep Rolling.  In my mind, this show was a lot of brains working together to form a wonderful performance and all the brains belonged to the KIC family – the best brains ever.  This show was not a contest to see who was the best dancer, actor, or who had the best looks.  It wasn’t a play; it was an improvisation.  It was magical.  I found out I can actually dance!  I had never thought about dancing before, but now I am completely obsessed.



I felt really great inside knowing that we had done so much preparation.  I couldn’t wait to get out there and actually perform.



Deep Rolling was challenging, special and sweaty.  I didn’t know I had all that dancing in me!



Performing in Deep Rolling was like, OK, we’ve all this stuff that just ozzed from our heads in workshops and now we’re gonna show everybody.  I was real nervous at first, but then I realised it was me I was showing and I like me!


Deep Rolling was about us and the pressures we face as teenagers.  It captured a good sense of who we all are and let the audience get up close and personal.


Deep Rolling has to be the best show I have ever been in and KIC is the best thing that has happened in my life for a long time.  The show had a bit of each of our lives in it.  A lot people asked me, how did I do it?  I said,  I just worked hard at it and look where I am now!


I gave up rugby to concentrate on Deep Rolling.  It was worth it.  KIC training is more disciplined than anything I’ve done in Rugby and there was a lot more of me in Deep Rolling than there ever was on a Rugby field.